I am writing this recommendation for Clayton to those who have not had the privilege of meeting him yet. For those of you reading this and already know Clayton, well, you already know why I would recommend him.

I met Clayton in early 2006 and was immediately drawn to his energy. And by energy I mean relentless and tireless pursuit of being great in everything he does. As a serial entrepreneur, Clayton has a real knack for creativity and problem solving. However, unlike many who pursue their goals at all costs (you know the rung-climbers who will burn the ladder – and you on the way up), Clayton pursued success by helping others. It was that year that I recognized what passion for life meant in all aspects – business and personal.

Clayton truly represents all that is good and trustworthy in a human being, and he carries that over to his professional persona as well. I remember one time when Clayton and I were working on a luxury real estate project in Granby . . . he often went out his way to make sure that I was compensated from the project owners in a timely fashion and would always recommend me to his network. That passion for helping others comes through the very first time you shake his hand.

Because of his energy level, some may think that his approach can be canned or contrived, but that is the total opposite. Clayton’s authenticity is evident [by] how he talks about and interacts with his family, his friends and his colleagues. In fact, you will more than likely want to pick up your game. Clayton is the real deal, and those who know him would share these same sentiments.

– Scott W.